Biomedical and Pharmacology JournalVol. 8 No. 1

Fully Automated Cruise Control System using Ultrasonic Sensor

R.Harrish Madhan and P. Kavi Priya

Electronic and Communication Engineering, Sathyabama University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Corresponding authour E-mail: harrishmadhan.r18587@gmail com

Received on February 09, 2015 and accepted on March 12, 2015



This is an electronic system that allows the vehicle to slow while approaching another vehicle and accelerate again to the preset speed when traffic is cleared. It also warns the driver or applies brake if there is a high risk of a collision. In this project we are going to develop the micro controller based automatic vehicle speed control system. Now-a-days we can see that more number of accidents happens in highways. Most of the reason for accident is driver mistake. To avoid this situation we make the system which is called adaptive cruise control system. This system consist of Ultra sonic based obstacle detector, whenever it detect the obstacle automatically speed will be reduced, when the distance of the obstacle increases automatically speed gets increased. In this system, driver no needs to give the acceleration and also break, which is entirely controlled by system. Existing system is semi automatic and this system will be a fully automatic system.

Keywords : Cruise, Collision, Preset speed, Obstacle.

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